"Violations" or: Mind Rape's the Fun Rape.

Hey, you know what'd be a RIOT? Let's invite that family of mind-fuckers on board who don't believe in solid fabrics. 'Member how much fun they were last whatever-holiday-we-celebrate-on-TNG?

OH FUCK! Dream Riker's raping Troi! (Pssst, Deanna: the safety word's "Imzadi.")

OH SHIT! Beverly's dead husband looked right at her and all he asked about was Wesley!

Oh MOTHERFUCK! That fucking ensign made eye contact on one of Riker's Fat Days!

"Captain, how can it be date mind-rape if you liked it? Why else did you wear that skin-tight Season 1 uniform to my quarters last night?"

Somebody better grab that bitch up by her hair holes!
They mind rapin e'erbody out here!

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